Japanese Knife Sharpener Neo Kirex
2 Stage Neo Kirex Diamond Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Neo Kirex Knife Sharpener
Japanese Diamond Knife Sharpener

2 Stage Neo Kirex Diamond Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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Made in Japan.

Ships from our store to your door directly from our warehouse in 7-14 days. Extremely limited stock.

Maintain your Japanese knives without worry using our 2-stage Neo Kirex brand sharpening tool. Dual diamond encrusted bands hone double bevel knife edges quickly and easily, with no risk of incorrect angle or scratching of finish. Features include:

  • 2-stage band sharpener made of high impact plastic and rubber feet to rest securely on any surface
  • Angled diamond belts provide a perfect sharpening angle for both sides of a double bevel knife simultaneously. Move from coarse band to fine band
  • Easy grip handle for stability and proper sharpening form
  • Available in red and grey