Japanese Knife Sharpener 3 Stage
Japanese Whetstone Sharpener
Sharpen Japanese Knives Proper Technique

3 Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener (100, 180, 400 Grit Whetstone) - Free Shipping

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Patent #3007312. Made in Japan.

Ships from our store to your door directly from our warehouse in 7-14 days. Extremely limited stock.

Maintain your Japanese knives without worry using our 3-stage sharpening tool. Work from coarse to super fine at the proper angle with no risk to your equipment. This is one of the only sharpening tools evaluated and approved by Tokyo Knives. Features include:
  • 3-stage sharpening system with durable stone materials safe for use with Japanese steel of various compositions
  • Unique angling system so that each stroke is executed at the proper angle for best knife care
  • Easy grip handle and rubberized shoe protect sensitive counter surfaces while maintaining stability
  • Easily separates for storage or cleaning


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