Kutani Silver Leaf Japanese Cup Blue
Ishikawa Pottery from Japan
Kutani Porcelain Tableware Silver Leaf Glass - 5 Colors
Authentic Kutani Cup from Japan
Japanese Silver Leaf Technique
Kutani Japanese Porcelain Cup
Ishikawa Made Tableware Signature
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Japanese Pottery Artist Signature
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Kutani Porcelain Tableware Silver Leaf Glass - 5 Colors

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Made in Japan. Ships from our store to your door in 3-5 business days. Extremely limited stock. 5 colors available.

These decorative porcelain glasses are embellished with genuine silver leaf. 

Kutani porcelain is hand made in Ishikawa, Japan. It is said the vivid colors set against dark backgrounds were developed in the early 1600s as a means of lifting moods during long, grey winters. Today, Kutani is considered a living art form.

Each vessel is hand made and fired in Ishikawa, producing a unique, authentic, and stunning conversation piece. Each durable glass is comparable to a Western sized tea or coffee cup and contains the artist signature in vivid red on the bottom.


  • Each cup measures 3.25" diameter at the mouth, 2" diameter at the base, and stands 4" high
  • Holds up to 8 ounces of liquid


  • Not microwave safe
  • Do not heat over open flame or in oven
  • Hand wash and dry only